The School Pullover is a unisex v-neck jumper that can be worn during the cooler months over the top of the formal school uniform. It can be worn with the optional scarf and/or School Blazer for additional warmth.

Size Guide

The fit of the school jumper is based on the chest measurement of the student. From this measurement, select the appropriate pullover size.

Pullover Size Chest Measurement
Size 9 75cm
Size 10 80cm
Size 12 85cm
Size 14 90cm
Size 16 95cm
Size 18 100cm
Size 20 105cm
Size 22 110cm
Size 24 115cm
Size 26 120cm
Size 28 125cm











Staff Fitting Tip: Pullovers should be purchased in at least one size larger then formal uniform. ie; if the student wears a size 12 formal shirt (boys or girls), the pullover should be a size 14 or 16. If in doubt, we recomend sizing up, especially if the shirt/blouse is not a generous fit.


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